Du zèle et des revendications

Le droit d’auteur serait le domaine le plus actif sur le plan du lobbying selon un récent livre, souligné par un article daté du 25 septembre du Hill Times, le journal de la colline parlementaire à Ottawa. Voici une citation, en anglais :

Canada’s federal copyright law is one of the most contested areas of federal policy making. What may seem to the average observer as minor changes to the Copyright Act have significant impacts on commercial and non-profit sectors, from broadcasting to education. A decision to apply a new royalty fee to broadcasters, for example, to compensate performers and producers of sound recordings, makes a winner out of the recording industry and a loser out of broadcasting. In this way, each decision to amend the act is political in nature and creates winners and losers.

Le livre en question est intitulé : Prey to Thievery: The Canadian Recording Industry Association and the Canadian Copyright Lobby, 1997 to 2005.

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