Les livres de cours électroniques

Selon l’édition web du 25 janvier 2007 de la Gazette de l’University of Western Ontario, certaines écoles canadiennes en sont à adopter des versions électroniques de textbooks, ces manuels pour les cours universitaires. Selon l’article,

Debbie Harvie, director of the University of British Columbia book store, believes this market will change substantially over the next few years. E-textbooks have been available at the UBC bookstore since December 2006. However, this term, only seven of the 3,000 books requested by UBC faculty are available as e-textbooks. […]
“As students become more comfortable with reading online, e-textbooks will have a higher demand,” Harvie said. “If books were created to be read electronically from the start, it would be easier for students to read them.”

Harvie doesn’t believe e-textbooks will replace all university books, though she said certain subjects can benefit from them.
At Western, digital textbooks are available for purchase through the e-Book Store link on The Book Store at Western’s website. Carolyn Young, The Book Store’s communications manger, said although the link has been there for four years, it has been used sparingly.

Last year, The Book Store did a study on e-textbooks with three focus groups. In one group, 12 of the 25 students were interested in digital media. If the price were to be cut in half, 19 students said they were interested.

Si tous ces cerveaux n’ont plus de livres à transporter, peut-être qu’il faudra imposer des heures d’éducation physique pour assurer une seine jeunesse à tous ces étudiants 😉

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