Les pieds du Web

Selon une enquête IPSOS, un canadien sur trois se dit au moins comfortable avec les technologies d’Interent tandis qu’un sur quatre serait complètement dépassé. En effet,

Only a small number of Canadians consider themselves to be an expert with technology despite the significant role technology plays in today’s society. Specifically, when it comes to experience with the Internet, only one-in-three Canadians claim to be an expert or very skilled (32%), four-in-ten say they are fairly skilled (43%), and one-in-four feel they are not very or not at all skilled (25%). Even with the rate at which technology is evolving and consumers are adopting technology, the percentage of Canadians who view themselves as expert or very skilled with the Internet has increased only marginally by 5% (from 27%) since 2001.

Results are even less optimistic for technology in general. Only one-in-five view themselves as an expert or very skilled (22%), four-in-ten are fairly skilled (43%), and one-third are not very or not at all skilled (34%). Not surprisingly, men, younger adults, households with higher income, and those who have attained higher levels of education view themselves as more knowledgeable about technology, but the gap with other segments is not significant.

Par ailleurs, Ipsos propose des études à chaque trimestre concernant les habitudes Internet des Canadiens appelée The Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report

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