Développement d’infrastructure

La Coalition for Networked Information nous propose un document d’information concernant le développement d’infrastructures en milieu académique (anglais). Le rapport d’information est disponible dans l’archive de l’Université du Michigan, Deep Blue : http://hdl.handle.net/2027.42/49353.

In late September 2006 NSF [National Science Foundation] sponsored a workshop hosted at the University of Michigan School of Information exploring the history and theory of infrastructure development, with a focus on what lessons could be drawn to help in planning the development of cyberinfrastructure. A report from the workshop became available in late January, 2007, but does not seem to have been as widely circulated as it deserves to be. With apologies to those already familiar with this, I wanted to take the opportunity to share the pointer to the report and other materials about the conference, all of which can be found at:

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