Optimiser la durée droit d’auteur

Selon l’analyse de Rufus Pollock, étudiant au doctorat à Cambridge University (PDF, en, 29 pages), la durée optimisée du droit d’auteur serait de 14 ans. Voici le sommaire qu’il propose :

The optimal level for copyright has been a matter for extensive debate over the last decade. This paper contributes several new results on this issue divided into two parts. In the first, a parsimonious theoretical model is used to prove several novel propositions about the optimal level of protection. Specifically, we demonstrate that (a) optimal copyright falls as the costs of production go down (for example as a result of digitization) and that (b) the optimal level of copyright will, in general, fall over time. The second part of the paper focuses on the specific case of copyright term. Using a simple model we characterise optimal term as a unction of a few key parameters. We estimate this function using a combination of new and existing data on recordings and books and find an optimal term of around fourteen years. This is substantially shorter than any current copyright term and implies that existing copyright terms are too long.
Keywords: Copyright, Intellectual Property, Copyright Term, Protection

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