Partenariat dans la recherche en droit

Le Berkman Center de la Harvard School of Law annonce un partenariat avec CALI (Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction), un centre de formation en droit :

Critics of American law schools observe that little has changed in legal education since the days of Christopher Columbus Langdell, the Harvard Law School dean who established the case method over 100 years ago. While this claim exaggerates reality, change can indeed spread slowly in law teaching and scholarship. Yet right now the Internet is opening vast new possibilities for scholarship and teaching that can transform how the next generation of lawyers learn.

To capture these opportunities, the Berkman Center is partnering with CALI (Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) to research and develop new methods of scholarship and teaching that exploit the Internet’s open and collaborative possibilities. CALI is a nonprofit consortium comprising over 200 American and Canadian law schools that has long been a leader in pushing innovation and exploring the intersection between computers and legal education. Berkman, too, has a history of developing teaching tools such as the H2O platform, the online question tool, and Berkman Island in Second Life. The partnership with CALI will provide the latest – and possibly most direct – means for Berkman faculty, fellows, and research to reach almost every law school in the nation.

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