Portail européen du domaine public

Financée par la Commission européenne, le projet COMMUNIA se veut un projet de médiation du domaine public et une alternative pour le partage des connaissances. Selon le communiqué du lancement :

Today’s digital networks offer extraordinary new opportunities for sharing and building upon our global, public pool of knowledge. Shedding light on the scientific, educational, economical, ethical and political importance of the digital public domain has, therefore, become crucial for the future of our knowledge-based societies.

This is the rationale behind a freshly launched project: COMMUNIA, the European Thematic Network on the Public Domain in the Digital Age.

Funded by the European Commission under the eContent+ programme and coordinated by the Politecnico di Torino’s NEXA Research Center for Internet and Society, the three-year long project held its kick-off meeting in Turin, Italy, on 28 September 2007.

The project has been proposed by a network of 36 members from 21 countries who are dedicated to developing theoretical analysis and strategic policy discussion of existing and emerging issues to the public domain in the digital environment, as well as related topics including, but not limited to, alternative forms of licensing for creative material (including the Creative Commons licenses), open access to scientific publications and research results, and management of works with unknown authors (i.e. orphan works).

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