First Monday critique le Web 2.0

La plus récente parution de First Monday (vol. 13, no. 3 mars 2008), un périodique académique traitant des questions liés à Internet, nous livre une série d’articles critiquant le Web 2.0.

L’article de Kylie Jarrett, Interactivity is Evil! A critical investigation of Web 2.0, mérite une mention spéciale pour son approche intéressante du contept du Web 2.0, qui nous offre cette définition :

The key feature of Web 2.0 is the development of software which enables mass participation in social activities. These activities in turn are extensively popular and, through the network effects of that popularity, economically significant (O’Reilly, 2005; Tweney, 2007; Madden and Fox, 2006). The harnessing of collective intelligence within Web 2.0 demands platforms where this intelligence can be expressed and collected. The social networks at the forefront of this phenomenon (economy) emerge from the ability of users to represent themselves and their interests in mediated spaces and to activate engagement with others via these representations. These features demand a profound capacity for input into and manipulative control over data as a constitutive component of any Web 2.0 site. This ‘generative interactivity’ (Richards, 2006) and the experience of that as a condition of usage is what arguably differentiates new media from precursor media forms and which is underscored within Web 2.0 systems. Consequently, in order to critically explore this media sector it is important to interrogate the nature of this interactivity and its relationship to the organisation of social power. This is particularly so for the sites associated with Web 2.0 which, in the emerging scholarship about them, have been cast as sites of user power.

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Suite à la lecture de ce numéro, le lecteur assidu du domaine risque de rester sur sa faim. En général, les références utilisées par les auteurs relèvent de la blogosphère, ce que nous trouvons un brin ironique concernant le thème du numéro.

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