C’est comme demander la permission

L’administrateur d’un site de recherche de pour l’échange de données de style Torrent, demande à la cour de la Colombie-Britannique selon Matt Hartley du Globe and Mail :

Mr. Fung is the Canadian owner of Isohunt.com, one of the most popular torrent search engines on the Internet, which is used by thousands of Web surfers looking to download music, movies and computer games. Isohunt indexes BitTorrent files, a technology commonly used to quickly transfer various media files, many of which are copyrighted.

After receiving letters from the Canadian Recording Industry Association last May, which insisted he remove all links to copyrighted material, Mr. Fung is launching a pre-emptive strike and is asking the Supreme Court of British Columbia to rule on whether his website violates the Copyright Act of Canada.

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