Mesurer la liberté d'opinion et d'expression

Le comité FAIFE (Freedom of Access to Infomation and Freedom of Expression = Liberté d’accès à l’information et liberté d’expression) de l’IFLA (International Federation of Library Association and Institutions) annonce le lancement de son étude annuelle sur le rôle des bibliothèques en ce qui concerne le 19e article de la Déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme:

The 2007 World Report shows that the digital divide is still a serious reality that needs to be tackled by library communities worldwide in the years to come. Significant inequalities in Internet access exist across the international library community which are often exacerbated by the increasing use of filtering software to protect children and safeguard public morality and religious values. The 2007 World Report shows that in many of IFLA’s member countries, intellectual freedom is still very much under pressure, leaving library users unable to fully express their rights to freedom of access to information.

In addition to the global survey, the report contains the following articles:
– Archie L. Dick, From censorship to freedom of access to information and freedom of expression in South Africa
– Irina Trushina, Corruption and transparency in Russia: the anticorruption role of libraries
– Barbara M. Jones, The USA patriot act: an example of the impact of national security legislation on libraries
– Kamel Labidi, Censorship in Arab countries
– Jane Duncan, On libraries and intellectual self-defense
– Ethel Kriger, The interrelated roles of archival and right of access to information legislation to promote democratic government in South Africa

The IFLA/FAIFE World Report 2007 is an extensive 480-page document that updates previous World Reports from 2001, 2003 and 2005. Taken together with summary reports in 2002, 2004 and 2006, it is the seventh volume in the IFLA/FAIFE World Report Series.

Le rapport de 2007, intitulé Access to libraries and information: Towards a fairer world, peut être téléchargé dans sa version intégrale en PDF (11 Mb) ou en différentes parties.

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