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Teaching Copyright de l'EFF
L’Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) annonce le lancement d’une trousse d’information à l’intention du secteur de l’éducation. Le site de l’association de défense des droits des usagers du numérique aux USA précise que :

As the entertainment industry promotes its new anti-copying educational program to the nation’s teachers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today launched its own « Teaching Copyright » curriculum and website to help educators give students the real story about their digital rights and responsibilities on the Internet and beyond.

The Copyright Alliance — backed by the recording, broadcast, and software industries — has given its curriculum the ominous title « Think First, Copy Later. » This is just the latest example of copyright-focused educational materials portraying the use of new technology as a high-risk behavior. For example, industry materials have routinely compared downloading music to stealing a bicycle, even though many downloads are lawful, and making videos using short clips from other sources is treated as probably illegal even though many such videos are also lawful. EFF created Teaching Copyright as a balanced curriculum encouraging students to make full and fair use of technology that is revolutionizing learning and the exchange of information.

Le site de l’EFF fait la promotion de l’utilisation équitable et du domaine public, plutôt que d’autres approches à l’appropriation du contenu culturel numérique. La trousse d’éducation, nommée « Teaching Copyright, » est disponible gratuitement dans Internet.

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