L'argent du libre

Ithaka, un groupe voué à l’étude et le support de l’édition académique libre, annonce le lancement d’un rapport d’étude sur 12 modèles exploités par des groupes de chercheurs pour assurer la pérennité financière de leurs projets d’édition libre. Intitulé Sustaining Digital Resources: An On-the-Ground View of Projects Today, offre une perspective intéressante pour les administrateurs de tels projets :

Dr Malcolm Read, JISC’s [groupe d’académiques en Grande-Bretagne] Executive Secretary said, « These case studies demonstrate the innovative and dynamic approaches for universities and others to sustain digital resources online in the most cost effective way. »

The final report serves as a guide to the cases, and argues that sustainability entails much more than simply covering the costs of putting a resource online. Equally important is ensuring the ongoing development of
the resource to suit the continually evolving needs of its users. The paper presents a framework for thinking about sustainability, outlining the five stages that successful projects must undertake in developing sustainability models: from acquiring a deep understanding of users and their needs, to thinking broadly about the range of revenue models that might be possible.

The studies also demonstrate that, while many projects are attempting to generate some revenue through subscription, pay-per-view, and a range of licensing arrangements, their overall financial picture still depends
heavily on receiving direct as well as in-kind support from the institutions that host them.

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