Les manuels scolaires, fins numériques?

Le New York Times publie un texte très intéressant de Temar Lewin le 9 août concernant quelques initiatives aux États-Unis de créer des manuels scolaires en mode collaboratif par les états et autres intervenants du secteur public:

Textbooks have not gone the way of the scroll yet, but many educators say that it will not be long before they are replaced by digital versions — or supplanted altogether by lessons assembled from the wealth of free courseware, educational games, videos and projects on the Web.

“Kids are wired differently these days,” said Sheryl R. Abshire, chief technology officer for the Calcasieu Parish school system in Lake Charles, La. “They’re digitally nimble. They multitask, transpose and extrapolate. And they think of knowledge as infinite.

“They don’t engage with textbooks that are finite, linear and rote,” Dr. Abshire continued. “Teachers need digital resources to find those documents, those blogs, those wikis that get them beyond the plain vanilla curriculum in the textbooks.”

À ne pas manquer également, le débat en-ligne sur le site EduTechDebate.org, qui se base sur une initiative qui traite de l’accès libre à l’information en Afrique.

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