Avocats et Web 2.0

Dans l’édition du 12 septembre du New York Times, John Schwartz nous offre un article sur l’appropriation des technologies du Web 2.0 et des avocats aux USA :

Stephen Gillers, an expert on legal ethics at New York University Law School, sees many more missteps in the future, as young people who grew up with Facebook and other social media enter a profession governed by centuries of legal tradition.

“Twenty-somethings have a much-reduced sense of personal privacy,” Professor Gillers said. Younger lawyers are, predictably, more comfortable with the media than their older colleagues, according to a recent survey for LexisNexis, the legal database company: 86 percent of lawyers ages 25 to 35 are members of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace, as opposed to 66 percent of those over 46. For those just out of law school, “this stuff is like air to them,” said Michael Mintz, who manages an online community for lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell Connected.

Au sujet de cette étude en question, LexisNexis, dans un communiqué de presse du 9 septembre 2009, précise sur son site Internet :

New survey data reveals that more than 70 percent of lawyers are members of an online social network – up nearly 25 percent over the past year – with 30 percent growth reported among lawyers aged 46 and over. The second annual Networks for Counsel Survey of almost 1,500 lawyers was commissioned by LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell®, the industry leader in networking and law firm marketing. It shows that more than 50 percent of respondents think online networks have the potential to change the business and practice of law, while 65 percent expressed interest in joining an online professional network designed specifically for their profession.

L’étude, intitulée 2009 Networks for Counsel study, est disponible à partir du site de Leader Networks.

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