Archivistes et œuvres orphelines

La Society of American Archivists (SAA) dévoile un nouveau rapport concernant les œuvres orphelines, ces œuvres encore protégées par le droit d’auteur mais dont le titulaire est introuvable ou difficile à déterminer avec précision. Selon la SAA:

Eight archivists and a recognized legal expert in intellectual property and copyright law developed the statement, based upon their experiences researching copyright status.

« We created this statement to provide archivists with a framework to discover what materials they hold are truly orphaned works, and in the hopes of empowering them to provide wider access and use of those materials as a result, » said Heather Briston, chair of SAA’s Intellectual Property Working Group.

The primary authors of the statement include Briston (University of Oregon), Mark Allen Greene (University of Wyoming), Cathy Henderson (University of Texas, Austin), Peter Hirtle (Cornell University), Peter Jaszi (American University) , William Maher (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Aprille Cooke McKay (University of Michigan), Richard Pearce-Moses (Arizona State Library), and Merrilee Proffitt (OCLC). Financial and administrative support was provided for this project by OCLC Research and the RLG Partnership.

More information on SAA’s Intellectual Property Working Group can be found at:

Il s’agit d’un code volontaire proposé par ces professionnels de la documentation, et est disponible dans la section «Standards» du site de l’association américaine :

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