Le droit d'auteur pour les bibliothécaires

Le Berkman Center de la Faculté de droit de l’Université Harvard, en collaboration avec eIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries), publie sur Internet un guide sur le droit d’auteur à l’attention des bibliothécaires.

Selon le communiqué annonçant le lancement,

“Copyright law directly affects library services providing access to learning resources, scientific and research information,” said Rima Kupryte, Director eIFL.net. “Everyday librarians are managing information and responding to requests from students, academics, and members of the public. They are well placed to provide practical advice on topical copyright-related issues. This curriculum, which includes modules on the scope of copyright law, exceptions and limitations and managing rights, provides librarians from around the world with an opportunity to understand this important area of law.”

“Librarians and their professional organisations play key roles in shaping national and international copyright policy and in protecting and promoting access to knowledge,” said William Fisher, faculty director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, “eIFL.net has created a crucial network of librarians in developing and transition countries. It is essential that the members of that network have the fullest possible understanding, not just of the current copyright laws, but also of the ways in which those laws could and should be interpreted and modified in the future. We hope that this curriculum will help to advance that understanding.”

“Maximising access to educational and learning materials is critical for development in Africa”, said Benson Njobvu, University of Zambia. “Teaching students about legal information issues enhances the role of the librarian, preparing the next generation for a professional career in the digital age. We aim to produce librarians who will become well-informed advocates for access to knowledge. “Copyright for Librarians” is a valuable new resource that will help us to achieve our goal”.

Il s’agit d’un réel curriculum diffusé par Internet sous licence Creative Commons. Tous et chacun peuvent l’utiliser et le rediffuser, voire le traduire, pour le bénéfice de tous ! Bravo aux instigateurs de ce projet du Berkman Center et d’eIFL !

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