Inclure les jeux numériques en bibliothèque

Suivez l’évolution de ce projet:
Follow the evolution of this project here:

En novembre dernier, j’ai eu le plaisir de présenter au Congrès des milieux documentaires notre projet pour rendre accessible des jeux numériques pour les bibliothèques, financé par la bienveillante Fondation Knight aux USA. Je vous écris maintenant pour vous faire part de la suite de ce projet et pour solliciter votre aide dans le cadre du concours de financement.

Je vous fais suivre un texte qui vous offre les détails (désolé de l’anglais, mais la Fondation Knight est aux USA) ainsi que le mécanisme pour appuyer notre demande sur leur plateforme web.

Le lien direct vers notre projet est :

Merci de votre aide!

I am really excited to share with you Concordia’s own Technoculture Art and Games’ (TAG) submission for the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge, here is the link:
The goal is to get digital games from small (aka indie) studios into libraries. The benevolent Knight Foundation’s News Challenge is an open call for projects to fund innovative ideas and this current iteration focusses on Libraries.

The Knight Foundation has already granted us “prototype” funding last year to create our alpha prototype, codenamed Alice (family pictures on the proposal page). Now, we want to develop and test our library videogame system with partner libraries (Brooklyn NY, San José CA, Civilla in Detroit and with the Indigenous Futures communities in the North) over the next few years. The Knight Foundation focusses on the USA and rest assured that we will be seeking support to deploy our system in Canada and elsewhere!

Because the News Challenge uses an “open” community based evaluation process (in addition to a formal review), you can help in some very simple ways:

1. Please click on the link to get the page view count up.
2. Register an account on the system to either “heart” the proposal or leave a comment. Some useful comments could be “I would love for my local public library to have indie/digital games” or, if you are a game maker, “I would love for libraries to add my game to their collection” (or some variation thereof). Of course, please feel free to add your own comment!
3. Forward this email to anyone who believes that libraries should have Game Clubs and Indie Games.

The Comment phase of the granting cycle closes in about 2 week.

On a more personal note, my ambition is to strengthen libraries everywhere by devising an open social computing platform so that everyone can play and make games. This will also help libraries acquire and preserve digital content through open markets (fixing some pesky collective action & copyright & technological issues). I am blessed with a myriad of colleagues at Concordia who also share this vision and are willing to embark on this quest!

Thanking you in advance for your support of our project,

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